Monday, January 31, 2011

Want to Make a Splash on the Web? What to Do Before that Big Cannonball

From Hugo Guzman:

What I told that they needed to do, before being able to collect the social media currency they coveted:
  • Build a website that is conversion friendly and sticky (e.g. is intuitive and makes it easy for users to interact with it and share with friends)
  • Begin engaging within relevant Facebook groups & posting on relevant Facebook pages (not with promotional messaging, but instead with content that adds value to the community)
  • Begin following relevant Twitter users and retweet the content of said Twitter users
  • Begin commenting on influential blogs and forums (not with promotional messaging, but with content that adds value to the community)
  • Begin linking to said blogs and forums from within their own site’s content
  • Begin attending industry events and mingling with influential peers (don’t just promote yourself or your brand. Add value to the conversation)
  • Begin to gradually connecting with these influencers via email and other online  communication channels (not to promote yourself, but to genuinely connect and add value to their efforts)
  • If they have a substantial email database, start thinking about innovative ways to encourage email subscribers to engage with your social profiles and social content (some of your subscribers might be influencers)
  • Think about the proportion of your perspective consumers that prefer to consume contact via mobile devices (including tablets) and then figure out what you’re going to do to accommodate them (some of your niche’s influencers might prefer mobile formats)

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